Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Halfway There!

This past weekend, I reached the end of the 20th week of pregnancy. Surro-baby is halfway baked. It is an exciting milestone, commonly marked with the excitement of an anatomy scan. Today, I got to spend a good hour peering a baby's heart, head, limbs and belly. To be honest, baby kidneys and bladders aren't the most thrilling thing ever, but the rest of it was just fabulous!

My intended parents have a seriously active little baby in there. Sprout wouldn't hold still for long - the ultrasound technician had to go chasing after baby to get all the pictures she needed. I was thankful to see that Sprout's growth was right on track - about 50th percentile for all the measurements. Glad to see I don't need to worry about having to give birth to a baby much larger than the ones I've already grown. Ha-Ha!

Of course, the BONUS information that comes along with the anatomy scan is the ability to decipher the sex of the baby, assuming that baby cooperates and shows off a little. The ultrasound technician was easily able to determine whether Sprout was a boy or a girl and marked it on a paper for us. I then took the paper to the store and had a color-corresponding balloon placed inside a box so that the intended parents and I could learn the sex of the baby together. They are the parents - they should be the first to know!

So, after of couple of rocky starts to a Skype video call, we managed to get all updated on what's going on and then it was time to get down to the exciting business at hand.....

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE.......................




HOORAY!!! Congratulations to my IP's on their SON-to-be!